Hi Everyone!

OMG, something amazing happened! I was named Tall Timbers Horse of the Year for 2017! I can’t believe it; I didn’t think anyone liked me!? What an honour, I know I can be opinionated sometimes & have a certain way of doing things but I do love my job, especially how happy it makes my riders. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I hope I can do the title, & all of you, proud.

I hope everyone had a good holiday, even though I had to start back at work earlier than everyone else I still had plenty of time to relax in the shade & try to stay cool in the disgusting heat since the human won’t let me swim in dam anymore. One time I decided to swim fully clothed & she just can’t let it go! It was such a long & dry summer & everyone was hot and, quite frankly, over it. A couple of the boys thought it would be fun to play in a sprinkler like we used to when we were kids, the human wasn’t very impressed when they created a sprinkler from the nearest tap & forgot to turn it off when they were finished...

New Year, new neighbour! Dapper arrived in January & everyone keeps mistaking him for Ozzy despite him being twice Ozzy’s size. Rumour has it that there wasn’t a girth on the property big enough to go around him.... And people dare call me fat! Dapper lives in yard number 1 if you want to say hi.

Semester 1, 2018 is well under way, I have met my riders & all groups have had their first ride. I love watching new riders, some who have never even seen a horse before, come in all nervous but leave with the biggest smiles & so proud of what they have achieved. This is why we do what we do & I for one hope I’ll get the chance to do this for many years to come.

Luv Daphne xoxo