I got an Award at the Volunteer Lunch -  The Volunteer Appreciation Award!  l almost missed my name  being called out because I did not  expect  to get it, it was a shock! Read more


I get such a buzz out of these children seeing them progress from sometimes timid little individuals who find it hard to approach a horse, far less throw your leg across its back, to confident souls who love the horses and leaders. Read more


I go to Tall Timbers on Monday mornings 5 foot 9 and come home Monday afternoons 10 foot tall! Read more


I feel that I have gained so much more personally out of my involvement with RDA, the Riders, the Horses and the Volunteers than what I have contributed. Thank you. Read more

Margaret Wilson

It is so rewarding to see the progress of children who may initially be unsure of touching a horse and then, eventually, don’t want to dismount at the end of their lesson!  There is also a great camaraderie amongst the volunteers... Read more

Jen and Bec Walden

What is there not to like about being a vollie with RDA? Nothing I can think of really. Everyone should try it out. Read more