Well deserved, Janet!!
Janet has been at the forefront of the RDA(NSW) Tall Timbers Carriage Driving program for many years until her retirement last year. She is still an active Volunteer for RDA(NSW) and her passion for Carriage Driving is appreciated. Congratulations!!

Janet was been involved with RDA Tall Timbers Centre since 1990 when a friend asked her to organise the carriage driving at Tall Timbers Centre.  Janet ran the Tall Timbers’ Carriage Driving Program at her property at Rossmore, co-ordinating her team of volunteers for the Carriage Drivers.  She looked after the ponies and equipment and maintains her property for a safe, pleasant and beneficial experience for everyone.

Janet is an RDA(NSW) Assessor and organises the RDA(NSW) State Carriage Driving Championships.  Janet instigated this annual competition 10 years ago.  Events include photo classes, videoed driven dressage, bending races, flag races and cone courses so there is something for everyone.  This year her participants were awarded Champion and Reserve Champion in the competitions.

Janet has also been a mentor for new Whips at Tall Timbers, Manning Great Lakes and Kalang in Tasmania. 

A highlight of her time with RDA was when one of her drivers competed at the World Championships for Drivers with Disabilities at Wolfsburg, Germany.  She also accompanied some carriage drivers who competed at the Sydney Royal over the years.

"I always assume that the client is capable of driving, no matter what the disability. Consequently, from the start, clients are shown how to hold the reins and control the horse, and we go from there. I of course hold the second set of reins, as is required in RDA driving. The driver is in charge unless things become risky, in which case I take over some control with my reins.  I do tend to give a bit of a running commentary of instructions as we drive along, but it all seems to work out well. Going at a fast trot negotiating a tight cones course is always exciting for the pony, the driver and for me.  Of course none of this driving could be done without a capable ground crew and the Rossmore Annexe has a wonderful group of helpers, most of whom have been part of the scene for many years."   … Janet Muspratt